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Business and Employment Law

“Next Generation Disputes in the Family Business: Navigating the Remedial, Ethical and Tax Quagmires – A Case Study”
(Author: Morton A. Harris)

“Hot Legal/Employment Topics for the Small Business Owner” (Author:  Bradley R. Coppedge)

“Employee or Independent Contractor? and why the determination is essential to a business” (Author: Bradley R. Coppedge)

Charitable Organizations

“Increased Public Scrutiny of Tax-Exempt Organizations” (Author: Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.) Published in 31 (No. 1) Estate Planning 23 (November, 2004).

Estate Administration

“Duties of Personal Representatives of Decedents’ Estates in Georgia, A Handbook to Guide Personal Representatives” (Co-Author John M. Sheftall)

Estate Planning

“NFA Gun Trusts” (Author: Bradley R. Coppedge)

“The ‘Slow Evolution’ of the Estate Planning Profession” (Author: Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.) Published in Willamette Management Associates, Estate Planning Insights (Autumn, 2010)

“Charitable Remainder Trusts and Private Foundations: A Letter to a Client” (Author: Morton A. Harris) Published in the Practical Tax Lawyer at 37 (Spring, 1999)

“Planning and Documenting Charitable Gifts” (Author: Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.) Published in Probate & Property Magazine(July/August, 2006, Volume 20, No. 4)

“Who Protects a Decedent’s Wishes Regarding Disposition of Remains?” (Author: Marjorie M. Smith) Published inGeorgia Probate Notes (May-June, 2008 Issue)

“Estate Planning for Parents of Special Needs Children” (Author: Bradley R. Coppedge)

“Transfers to Trust and Use of UTMA Custodial Accounts” (Author: Bradley R. Coppedge). Published in Probate & Property Magazine (May/June, 2009)

“Estate Planning & Probate Overview for the Georgia & Alabama Non-Lawyer: Just the Basics Please!” (Author: Bradley R. Coppedge)

Real Estate

“Short Sales and Debt Cancellation” (Author: Brad C. Coppedge)

“The State of Georgia Moratorium on Increases in Assessments of Property Values” (Author: William C. Pound)


“2013 Year-End Charitable Giving Tips” (Author: Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.)

“Short Sales and Debt Cancellation” (Author: Brad C. Coppedge)

“First Quarter of 2011 Tax Developments” (Author: Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.)

“LLC Operating Agreements: Drafting Tips and Traps for the Unwary” (Author: Bradley R. Coppedge). ALI-ABA Program Materials, Representing Professional and Closely Held Businesses: Qualified Plans, Welfare Benefits, and Tax Planning, Scottsdale, AZ (February 17-19, 2005). Originally published in Probate & Property Magazine (January/February, 2005).

“Transition of the Ownership of a Business by Gift or Sale” (Author: Bradley R. Coppedge)

“The Importance of Properly Handling Payroll Taxes (and Owner/Officer Liability for Failing To Do So)” (Author: Bradley R. Coppedge)

“Drafting and Defending Conservation Easements” (Author: Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.)